Ragin Blaze Cajun Seasonings with a Southwest Flare - Schrimp, Crawfish, Crab, Fajita and Chili seasonings


Ragin Blaze Cajun Seasonings were first introduced to the public in June 2010. We are always thrilled when we get feedback from our customers! The comments below are just a few samples of what our customers have to say about Ragin Blaze products:

Yes sir, the Ragin Blaze is awesome....me and the wife have put it on everything we have eaten since we received it...
I think my Tony's will be on a long break.
James. B.
Lampasas, TX

Yep, that stuff rocks ! I need to buy more in bulk.

Richard E.
College Station, TX

I spiced up my egg whites this morning with Ragin Blaze! Oh my gosh that stuff is so addicting!
Jo Ann N.
Conroe, TX.

By the way, I'm going to need some more of that Ragin Blaze!
Cameron G.
College Station, TX

I used some tonight on chicken. Man, that's some good stuff you have there Blake.

Todd M.
Lindale, TX

This stuff is awesome on cooked food. I'm sure it'll kick up the chicken a little.
Keegan W.
Arlington, TX

Ragin Blaze gets two thumbs up!
Chris G.
Troy, TX

I have been a want to be, in house, backyard cook for lots of years and have tried lots of seasoning.
My opinion ? Blake has a big winner here! Great seasoning, give it a try.
Mark J.
Austin, TX

This stuff is legit!
Barrett B.
San Antonio, TX

My wife LOVES the Ragin Blaze and has put it on everything she has cooked since we got it in the house!
Frank E.
Madisonville, TX

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