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Artichoke Bread
(this is my version below as all the credit goes to my good friend Billy Ragusa)

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Ready in: 30 minutes
Servings: around 8 - 10 people (yields approx. 16 20 pieces, sliced 2" wide)

1 loaf of French bread
2 cups of seasoned Italian bread crumbs
7.5 oz jar of artichoke hearts in oil or water
cup of grated Parmesan & Romano cheese
1 cups of extra virgin olive oil
juice from 1 large lemon
2 tblspn minced garlic
2 tsp onion powder
tblspn cracked black pepper corn
1 tblspn dry parsley flakes
2 tblspn Ragin Blaze Cajun Seasoning
8 oz bag of shredded cheddar cheese ( cheddar / mozzarella mix can be used)
sliced jalapeno peppers (optional)

Mix the following dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl: Italian bread crumbs, Parmesan & Romano cheese, onion powder, cracked pepper corn, parsley flakes, and Ragin Blaze Cajun Seasoning.
Drain the water/oil from the artichoke hearts, then chop finely into tiny pieces.
Add the following items into the bowl with bread crumb mixture: chopped artichoke hearts, olive oil, and squeezed lemon juice. Mix thoroughly until all items blended.
Then slice the French bread loaf into 2 halves, length-wise. Generously spoon the artichoke/breadcrumb mixture onto the bread as it should be 1/2" thick. Add shredded cheeses on top of bread crumbs, and lightly sprinkle a few pinches of dry bread crumbs and more black pepper on top. Add sliced jalapenos on top of cheese if desired.
Pre-heat oven to 325* degrees (bake). Place artichoke bread on baking sheet or aluminum foil, and place into oven for 12 -15 minutes. Then set oven to "broil" for 2 - 3 minutes until cheese lightly browns on top.
Cut / slice artichoke bread into 2" wide pieces (kind of like a finger sandwich) and serve with your favorite meal: pasta, soups, gumbo, steaks, red beans and rice, chili, etc....ENJOY !

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